Papers on offer in 2020-21

As usual, we want to give incoming LLM students early notice of the papers that are expected to be on offer in the academic year 2020-21. Accordingly, we list below the LLM papers that are expected to run in 2020-21, with the important proviso that these arrangements are subject to change if unforeseen circumstances arise between now and the start of the 2020-21 academic year. Please be aware that we include this proviso in any year – so this is not a pandemic-specific warning, and we are not currently aware of any reason why the present global situation should impact our course offerings for the 2020-21 academic year.

There are variations in the list of LLM papers available each year, and inevitably one or two popular papers are not on offer in 2020-21. This is almost always because of research leave of members of the Faculty integral to running that paper. For clarity, we therefore also list below the papers that will definitely not run in 2020-21.

Papers expected to run in 2020-21

1. Law, Medicine and Life Sciences
2. International Commercial Tax
3. International Commercial Litigation
4. Law of Restitution
5. Economics of Law and Regulation
6. Law and Information
8. International Financial Law
9. Corporate Finance Law
10. Corporate Governance
11. Criminal Justice: Players and Processes
12. Intellectual Property
14. Competition Law
15. International Environmental Law
18. External Relations Law of the EU
20. Law of Armed Conflict, Use of Force and Peace Keeping
22. Advanced Labour Law
23. Law of the World Trade Organization
24. International Criminal Law
25. International Human Rights Law
29. International Investment Law
30. Jurisprudence
31. Topics in Legal and Political Philosophy
34. International Law of Global Governance
35. History of English Civil and Criminal Law
36. International Intellectual Property Law
38. Seminar Paper: Public Law
39. Legislation

Papers that will not run in 2020-21

7. Corporate Insolvency
16. Constitutional Law of the European Union
17. EU Trade Law
26. Civil Liberties and Human Rights
33. Comparative Family Law and Policy
41. Advanced Private Law